Advantage Consulting provides Governmental, Regulatory, Public Affairs and Advocacy representation with subject-matter expertise and concentrated experience on governmental and regulatory policies specific to agriculture, energy and US/Mexico relations. Our firm also provides litigation and public relations support to our clients, with extensive experience in governmental and media communications and crisis media management.

Industry Insights

2019 Legislative Session Concludes


While the Legislature successfully passed and the Governor signed legislation aimed at guarding against financial harm from wildfires (AB 1054, Holden), some work on this matter may remain in the coming year.

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PG&E and Insurance Companies Announce $11 Billion Deal to Settle Wildfire Claims


Four days after filing their bankruptcy reorganization plan, PG&E said Friday (9/13) that the company had reached an agreement to settle wildfire claims against the utility for $11 billion, far below the $20 billion the insurers had originally sought in bankruptcy court.

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$18 Billion Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan Filed


As the Legislature was deciding to put AB 235 on ice, PG&E filed an $18 billion formal reorganization plan in U.S. Bankruptcy Court this week (9/9) that proposes to pay for all wildfire claims.

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PG&E’s Role in Napa Fires for a Jury to Decide


U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Dennis Montali agreed this week (8/16) to allow a State jury to decide whether PG&E’s equipment ignited the devastating wildfire in California wine country nearly two years ago.

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Case Studies

Conventional Generation

With over 10,000 megawatts of clean natural gas generation under our belt, Advantage Consulting’s understanding of the complexities of the energy industry in the West is without equal. While there are many keys to our success, paramount is our deep understanding of governmental and regulatory policy, how to navigate through that process, and our solid relationships to the policymakers and staff. From permitting, to repowering aging facilities, to assisting with securing contracts for the output of the facilities, our team of professionals has worked on every aspect of the development of these…

Renewable Generation

In addition to our conventional generation work, the Advantage Consulting team has worked on more than 5,000 megawatts of renewable generation. From solar power to wind power, and from geothermal power to battery storage, we have been involved in every aspect of the regulatory and governmental process, representing successfully operating renewable projects. The advent of a changing landscape for renewable generation also means that the aging renewable generation is at the beginning of its repowering phase. With wind first in this phase, Advantage Consulting has worked to identify new opportunities…

The Energy, Environment, and Water Nexus

Ever mindful of growing environmental responsibilities for businesses, Advantage Consulting is helping businesses explore the nexus between power and water usage and how that impacts the environment. Innovations that may provide energy through water movement, and technology that measures the pressure and flow of water with real-time accuracy, are the next chapter of innovations and Advantage Consulting is working to bring these technologies to market. Advantage Consulting has also assisted independent energy producers with navigating the federal, state and local regulatory world.

Agriculture’s Power Needs

As innovations and regulations seep into every corner of life, the agriculture pillar of our economy is working to identify solutions that allow for a gradual transformation that allows for continuous delivery of the food and goods that feed a hungry nation. With roots in agriculture, Advantage Consulting is successfully providing guidance to the industry through education, and with our assistance in bringing power solutions for the next century. With the advent of greenhouse gas reduction initiatives and regulations, agriculture is required to respond to its obligations, and Advantage Consulting…

Communications/Government Relations

With more than 100 years of public relations and government affairs experience, Advantage Consulting develops cohesive communication strategies for small projects to national campaigns. By using clear and concise messaging to targeted audiences, Advantage Consulting has influenced key stakeholders as well as deflect any potential opposition. Creative collateral materials leave an indelible imprint with the reader. Targeted media and social media campaigns move the needle on issues without raising the ire of opposition. Effective coalition building enhances the strengths, diminishes the weaknesses…